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Cumulative update  KB4025338 (OS Build 10240.17488) |  Windows 10 (initial version released July 2015) 

Cumulative update KB4025338 Free Download

This upgrade consists of high quality improvements. No brand-new os features are being introduced in this update. Secret modifications include:

  • Resolved issue presented by KB4032695 where Internet Traveler 11 may close suddenly when you visit some internet sites.
  • Addressed issue with custom-made default associations that are not used correctly in some upgrade or reset situations.
  • Dealt with concern in Internet Traveler 11 where a text node returned from the DOMParser might be incorrect when MutationObserver for childList as well as subtree is active.
  • Attended to issue in Internet Explorer 11 where an accident can occur in minimal scenarios when using the Locate feature (Ctrl+F).
  • Addressed issue where the onhashchange event fails to set off when browsing some hashed Links in Net Explorer 11.
  • Resolved issue where the NewWindow3 occasion trainer is never contacted a managed WebBrowser course of.NET 4.6.
  • Addressed problem that could cause cursor flicker when floating over a popup food selection alternative in Net Traveler 11 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Attended to problem where Internet Traveler 11 collisions when an individual clicks on an empty column header and then promptly does a Change + double-click.
  • Addressed issue where Internet Traveler 11 accidents with particular Browser Assistant Furnishings after the July Web Explorer updates.
  • Addressed concern where certain components (input or pick) could not be active targets of any action in Net Traveler 11. This happens after getting rid of an iframe that contained an arrow inside certain components (input or pick) and including a brand-new iframe.
  • Security updates to Net Traveler 11, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Microsoft Side, Windows Look, Windows covering, Windows kernel-mode chauffeurs, Microsoft Video Component, Windows bit, the.NET Structure, Windows Virtualization, the Windows Server, Windows Storage space as well as File Equipments, Datacenter Networking, Microsoft NTFS, ASP.NET, and Microsoft PowerShell.

If you installed earlier updates, just the brand-new solutions contained in this plan will be downloaded and install and also installed on your tool.

Download Cumulative update KB4025338 Offline Installer

DOWNLOAD­čö╗file information for cumulative update KB4025338

DOWNLOAD­čö╗ 2017-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1507 for (32-bit) x86-based Systems (KB4025338)

DOWNLOAD­čö╗ 2017-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1507 for (64-bit) x64-based Systems (KB4025338)

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