Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 from

Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 from - Put your LCD check to the test to see whether or not there are dead or damaged pixels with the help of this easy software program application, When you get a new LCD check, you expect it to perform flawlessly, so you could not also think about examining it for dead or stuck pixels. Nevertheless, when you do wish to ensure your screen is still in great shape, you could utilize Dead Pixel Pal.

Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 from

Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 from

OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista [32/64bit], Win 10/8/8.1 [32/64bit)

Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 from

Quick deployment and instinctive style
The application does not have to be installed on your computer, so you could merely carry it on your USB flash drive and check the status of screens attached to any COMPUTER you work with.

Dead Pixel Buddy includes an instinctive visuals user interface that calls for users to only choose the shades they want to utilize for their test.

Load your screen with customized shades
The way the application works is rather easy: it primarily fills up the screen with the shade picked by you, thus making any kind of dead or stuck pixel clearly noticeable. It is recommended to experiment with numerous shades, as you may not observe the broken pixels from the initial effort - you could go with one of the default shades (black, white, red, environment-friendly or blue) or you could specify a custom-made one.
You can also establish Dead Pixel Pal to immediately change between colors as typically as you like - simply modify the Time Cycle value and you are established.

Assists you deal with pixels where possible
The difference in between a damaged and also a dead pixel is that the former can still be fixed, after continuously rotating the shades, whereas there is no service for the latter. You could either purchase a brand-new screen or progressively get made use of to the dead pixel, especially if it is not located in the center of the display.

To sum it up
Essentially, Dead Pixel Pal is a small application that could aid you determine the busted pixels on your screen with little effort in your corner. It can be used by anybody and also the simple layout makes the overall procedure fast so you understand whether or not your screen's healthy.

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