Pantum P2200W Driver Download - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


Pantum P2200W Drivers Download and Review - The brand-new laser printer division of Seine Innovation, the corporation behind Pantum, has already reduced some carefully chiseled teeth on the 'suitable consumables' market. But can it make likewise substantial invasions into the snugly disputed gaggle of recognized laser titans?

Pantum has started by rolling out what will be its least expensive model in the upcoming range, with plans to bring out a variety of far better models over the course of 2013. The Pantum P2200W feels and look like a deluxe variation of an entry-level inkjet printer. This is the black design-- a more traditional-looking white as well as grey design is additionally provided, known as the P2200W.
Pantum P2200W Driver Download - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Pantum P2200W

Pantum P2200W Driver Download - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

The instance feels reasonably hard, and the black livery offers it a brutal however clever appearance. Building is strong, with the company at pains to mention the use of a metal as opposed to plastic internal framework.

The paper input trays aren't possibly the toughest however, and also they can be a little sensitive-- if the paper isn't pushed right approximately the side, the printer cannot find it. Nonetheless, they get the job done satisfactorily.

Given that the Pantum P2200W is a ₤ 60 design, it's likewise good that we could discuss input trays in the plural, and besides the ample 150-sheet major tray, a second allows you to insert paper manually. Offered obvious constraints, this permits you to run 2 different paper feeds.

We're also pleased to see that the outcome tray is located on top of the printer, as well as Pantum has avoided that short-cut favoured on many a low-cost version, of putting the outcome system straight above the input tray. The economical choice may save space, but it does make it too simple to get paper blended.

You do not get a great deal of detail on the Pantum P2200W. Unsurprisingly, offered the cost, there's no screen-- not even a message display. The controls contain a single button and a set of lights.

Connectivity is likewise kept to a minimum, with an easy USB 2.0 user interface used. If you want cordless or ethernet networking you'll need to wait up until Pantum draws out one of its a lot more pricey versions.

The P2200W's simplicity does at the very least produce a quick setup routine-- lift up the cover and also decrease in the printer toner, load up the vehicle drivers as well as, less than five minutes later on, you're done. You don't get fancy energies or software program applications with the Pantum, yet the rapid setup is a wonderful option to the wordy 15-20 minute processes produced by a few other producers. Printer producers tend to make some over-the-top cases for the rate of their items, yet Pantum's numbers are quite near to the reality. Priced quote is 20 web pages each minute and also we obtained as high as 15.8 ppm with a 10-sheet workload.

It takes around 10 seconds for the printer to start producing web pages, but once it enjoys its stride, it does end up sheets at practically exactly 20ppm.

Admittedly, you probably aren't mosting likely to utilize a printer similar to this for big workloads, so in practice you're hardly ever going to get past the 16ppm mark. Nonetheless, 15.8 ppm is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The Samsung ML-2955DW supplies a considerably much faster 22.2 ppm, but that model does set you back fifty percent as much again.

The Pantum P2200W isn't really going to win honors for the top quality of its message, yet it's still really serviceable. Lettering tends to be a little pale, although it's still extremely easy to read. In particular, it has problem with detail at the smallest font sizes. But also for daily message printing, the Pantum is fairly adequate.

It's not a fantastic graphics printer, with much of our outcome showing significant banding. At a pinch it'll provide for publishing out roughs of discussions. For more sophisticated product, however, it'll struggle. However after that, we question lots of will certainly get a ₤ 60 mono laser for its graphics. As an inexpensive text printer to port in together with an inkjet photo printer, it executes very well.

Running costs are not the least expensive but roughly according to exactly what you'll end up paying when you aim to stint the intitial printer acquisition. The Pantum's toner is offered in 1500- as well as 2300-page sizes, which suggests you'll pay around 2.4 p per page with the highest possible capability cartridge, or 4p for the smaller variation. A Samsung ML-2955DW will set you back around 2.7 p each web page, for instance. Running expenses are, absolutely an element to consider if you believe you'll be looking to the P2050 for greater than periodic usage.

Download and Install Pantum P2200W Drivers for Mac

Operating System: Mac 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12 or later
File: Series Mac Driver
Version: 1.9.3 Codesigning
Size: 1.1MB

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Mac 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Mac 10.8/10.9

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Mac 10.10/10.11

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Mac 10.12 or later

Download and Install Pantum P2200W Drivers for Windows

Operating System: Windows XP/Win Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/ Win 8.1/2008/2012/2003
File: Series Windows drivers
Version: 2-1-4
Size: 39.7MB

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Windows XP/Win Vista (32/64bit)

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Windows 8/Win 8.1 (32/64bit)

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Windows 7/Win 10 (32/64bit)

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Windows 2008/2012/2003 (32/64bit)

Download and Install Pantum P2200W Drivers for Linux

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 12.04 / 14.04 or later
File: Series Linux Driver
Version: 1.80
Size: 0.5MB

Download → Pantum P2200W Printer Driver for Linux

Download and Install Pantum P2200W Drivers for Mobile

Operating System: Android
File: Pantum Android Driver
Version: 1-3-47
Size: 12.6MB

Download → Pantum P2200W Mobile Printer Driver for Android (apk)


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