Download Firefox 48.0 setup.exe for Widows 10/7/8


Review - Games are laggy, sluggish, don't function straight. Or even, go to Firefox menu button (often on the far ideal leading, the 3 horizontal bars piled on top of each other). If you possess problem locating it, that is actually the switch that when you hover over with your mouse, this claims Open up Food selection. After that, click the? switch, troubleshooting details, appearance under Video section, at that point try to find Direct2D Enabled & likewise DirectWrite Enabled. They must hold true. If all is actually handicapped, Firefox did that. GPU Accelerated Microsoft window ought to claim 1/1 or something. If it is actually untrue or even disabled, yep! Firefox carried out that.
Firefox 48.0 setup.exe for Widows 10/7/8
Firefox 48.0

Download Firefox 48.0 setup.exe for Widows 10/7/8

Reckon just what?
Chrome work with netbooks & more mature equipments, & where Firefox acquires a quite bad 1-5 FPS, Chrome gets 30-60 FPS & works terrific!

Chrome probes 4x a lot faster on much older makers, to inform you the honest truth! As well as, if you are on Facebook on a netbook with Firefox, Firefox is going to delay & you need to wait while your information pile on top of each other if you are actually a quick typer. Other: AOL for PC Windows and Mac Free Download

Chrome? It maintains without any trouble, generally. Yay!
If Chrome may do this, why cannot Firefox?

You know exactly what is therefore terrible?
Firefox asserts to be promoting individual rights, claims to be for consumer option, claims to become standing for individuals, providing better versatility in comparison to the other web browsers.

Properly, reckon just what?
It doesn't!

Can not feel I am actually saying this, yet try it on your own! Acquire you a more mature maker, & try both Chrome & Firefox. Yep, Firefox is actually creamed by Chrome.

Wish the designers would certainly view this remark, read this comment, & at the very least permit individuals to override the GPU block. I indicate, hey! They profess to deliver customer selection.

Ummm ... Where?
All I find is Firefox 48.0 setup.exe offline installer a blocked GPU that I could not also utilize since Firefox chose to become a nanny that handles which I can easily or even could refrain, on my own device.

Come one, satisfy!
Perform creators pay attention to individuals anymore?

If they do, a person let em recognize, they should take customer option back & a minimum of make it possible for expert consumers the capacity to override 3D blocklist because typically, I am going to make use of Chrome or even whatever browser permits me to make use of the 3D.

Chrome (with 3D) is Firefox 48.0 setup.exe around 30x faster in comparison to Firefox (without 3D) & also on modern components, Chrome bested Firefox in HTML5 as well as depending on 2x faster than 3D even WITH 3D allowed.

Why would certainly I want a slow-moving web browser?
Why, why, why?

A person has to tell them effective ways to develop a small, quickly, unbloated browser that in fact could be used & doesn't attempt to be actually a baby-sitter that informs consumers just what they can or can easily not do on their own equipment.

Download Firefox 48.0 Offline Installer

 OS: Windows 10/7/8 [32bit and 64bit]
Download for 32bit: win32/en-US/Firefox/Setup/48.0.exe 

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