Kodak EasyShare 5500 Printer Driver Download

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Printer Driver Download. Review - Element Components: 1/2.3-in 12.2-megapixel sensing unit; 2.7-inch LCD keep track of; 93.7 x 56.7 x 22.7 mm; 127g; 32MB memory

Manufacturer: Kodak
Kodak was actually regularly going to discharge two All-in-One machines. The EasyShare 5300, assessed a few months back, left a good impression and is actually made for the house market. The EasyShare 5500, reviewed below, is actually even more a SoHo equipment and also comes along with both Auto Paper Feed (ADF) and also duplexer for double-sided publishing, as standard.

Again available just with DSG-- Personal Computer World, Dixons Online as well as Currys-- that comes in at ₤ 199, which is very competitive along with a lot of the hostility. Imprint expenses, especially for 15 x 10cm prints, shown up at less than half the cost of the other individuals, however, at an accurate 7p each print.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Printer Driver Download

The EasyShare 5500 has an incredibly similar footprint to its own smaller sibling and a lot of the components is discussed between the 2 devices, as well. For example, the same arrangement of A4 newspaper feed tray along with a 15 x 10 centimetre picture newspaper mold embeded in above this, rests at the front end of both machines. You shift newspaper sources by pushing or even taking the image newspaper tray ahead and also backwards.

The very same double memory card slots accommodate for all the typical sorts of memory card as well as a pair of USB 2.0 sockets near the bottom could either be linked to a PictBridge electronic camera or even could have an optionally available Bluetooth adapter or memory disk. The control board juts coming from the front end of the equipment, but does not operate its own total width, to give you much better accessibility to moment and USB sockets listed below. This consists of a selection of lit up function keys for scanning, copying, publishing pictures and faxing, as well as a square of navigating elements, along with OKAY in the centre. There are actually Start and Terminate buttons and also an amount pad for getting in fax numbers.

The controls are actually properly laid out and the food selection device on the LCD feature is additionally rationally planned. Slightly surprisingly, in this particular a lot more expensive design, the LCD display is much smaller than in the EasyShare 5300, at merely 61mm. The primary hardware distinctions between the EasyShare 5500 and the EasyShare 5300 are the duplexer and also the ADF in the 5500. The ADF can use up to 35 pieces, ensuring multi-page files a lot easier to browse or even steal.

The EasyShare 5500, like its much smaller sibling, makes use of an exterior, power block. The block on our evaluation sample created a consistent twittering sound, as if that had a small bird entraped within, for the entire of the test period. We hope this is a reasonably separated concern, but the source on the EasyShare 5300 additionally produced strange sounds. The duplexer, for publishing on both sides of the newspaper, is provided as a separate extra and also has to be videoed in at the rear of the device, instead of the typical back board. Also at the back are actually outlets for a phone line as well as a mobile phone as well as for the single USB link to a COMPUTER. There is actually no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as requirement.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Printer Driver Download Free - The same EasyShare and AiO Home Facility program is provided through this equipment like the less expensive design and also offers the same, simple checking as well as modifying of photos. It'll browse a documentation to RTF as message, also, but there's little bit of adjustment available-- as a matter of fact there's little reference of the Optical character reading (OCR) engine the report have to go through. It either operates or it doesn't., though the examples we made an effort worked very well.

Our team will found a few quirks while assessing the 5500. Our five-page black print test record published great, but the 20-side, duplex one, which makes use of specifically the very same web pages reproduced 4 times, dropped the bests of the webpage headers. This signifies there is actually a greater non-printable region when imprinting double-sided in comparison to when imprinting single-sided, a reality not discussed in the 5500's records. Also, the principal A4 paper feed mold, which is actually declared to take 100 slabs of 80gsm newspaper, would not take much more than 90 sheets of ours. This coincides multi-purpose workplace newspaper our team utilize for all laser printer examinations.

Finally, some of the 15 x 10cm print blanks of Kodak Ultra Superior Photograph paper (provided in the box) delaminated when our company printed on that. The best surface left along one complete side. This is actually most likely an isolated case, yet in addition to the power source chirrup, leaves an enigma over quality control.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Driver Download Latest - Print times for documents were unaccountably longer in comparison to for the EasyShare 5300, with the five-page content file taking one minute 12 secs, a rate of 4.17 ppm and the five-page message and also colour graphics coming in at two minutes 40 secs, or even 1.88 ppm. The genuine rate when publishing is not that unpleasant, however the EasyShare 5500 takes up to 30 secs before starting to publish, with lots of beats and chunters as it prepares itself.

Using the duplexer to print double-sided pages suggested our 20-side paper had a coffee-brewing 6 mins 32 seconds, translating to 3.06 spm. Copying an A4 colour web page had all around 40 secs, yet this increased to between 55 seconds as well as one minute 19 secs if the scanner was actually certainly not currently heated up. Not a chic equipment.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Printer Driver Download

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